The team of proficient recruiters

Who are we? We are the ones who will protect your budget and save you from the hiring routine. We have gathered the most professional, creative, and talented HR specialists to help clients evolve with new team members.


Looking for the right specialists may be time-consuming, expensive, and exhausting when doing this yourself. So let SIQ do it for you; meanwhile, you can spend this precious time on more important business processes!

The story of SIQ

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So it has begun

It all began back in 2014 when a young and ambitious entrepreneur started to grow an idea of his own business in the human resources industry. Creating something big from scratch is hard; however, it always pays off. With this in mind, the tough work began: company name, business plan, strategy, etc.

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A dream team

After all the documents and inner processes are set, it is the right time to build a team and work on the client's base. The most talented and experienced HR specialists are joining SIQ all while developing its expertise in IT, optics, the automotive industry, automotive autonomous driving, and others.

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The home of SIQ

Since the company is growing, it needs a cozy office now. And this should be the right place where people can work peacefully, all while showing their creativity and full potential to help SIQ grow and become stronger. And here appears the beautiful office in Prien, Bayern.

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Towards new opportunities

The SIQ background keeps on getting more profound and more comprehensive! Now, the company’s headhunters are proficient in new industries, such as mechanical engineering, semiconductor technology, renewable energies, and pharma/biotech.

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Keep on growing!

Still growing, and now SIQ is a partner of many organizations in various industries! We are working on going global, growing our network, raising our skills, adopting innovative approaches, and are never afraid of challenges.

Meet the SIQ Team

Helmut Fischer



I love being on the road with my family, including the 5th family member, my Jeep :-) I’m always into exploring new places. 

My life motto: an adventure begins in your backyard. 

My professional motto: service is everything!

Sibylle Schneider

-Senior Recruitment Consultant-


I am a profile stalker - I know where to look for new talents. I’m also a food lover, a fan of Latin music and dances, a board games nerd, and a Netflix and travel addict.

I believe life is like a camera - focus on what's important and capture the good times. If these things don't work out, just take another shot!

Lorraine Trautmann

-Senior Recruitment Consultant-


I’m an avid coffee lover for life, probably more tattooed than you might think, and I love all the vintage stuff, old and with great history (especially 80s music!).

My superpower is inspiring people to be themselves fully – I hire for potential and not only for skills!

Hanna Hagedorn

-Senior Recruitment Consultant-


I am a real kid from the coast! In the summertime, I just need to jump into the water every day. My heart beats for my camper van "Lars", nights out with friends, or any kind of sports, but especially for horse riding!

I am a positive-thinking person; I believe everything happens for a reason, even if we can‘t see it at once.

Mike Quill

-Senior Recruitment Consultant-


Bearded by conviction.

I am a family man, a motorcyclist, and, sadly for my wife and our living space, a passionate collector of shoes and sneakers.

My special skill: I am a very good listener, and can recognize talent in a blink of an eye.

Carla Fischer

-Team Manager Business Development-

I have been in recruitment since 2006. It´s some kind of passion for me, just like my social projects with local children and refugees. The most important values I teach my kids are honesty, respect, cultural openness, and the motto "carpe diem": don't wait for happiness or an opportunity to come your way. YOU have to create it!!!