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Renewable Energy

The most prominent industry that can boost our future is renewable energy. Being experts in finding rare talents for the renewable energy sector, we ensure your business evolves and stays competitive. We focus on building our pool of strong candidates to support clients with highly experienced specialists in solar systems, onshore and offshore wind farms, photovoltaic systems, bioenergy, hydropower, and geothermal power.


The SIQ executive recruitment team will help you to find your renewable energy staffing solution: the best experts with valuable experience in sustainable energy production and new ideas on how to make our environment greener.

Let’s change our future for good together!

medtech recruiter Germany

MedTech Industry

The Medical Technology industry is the future. Hardly any other industry is as active in its growth and development. In this connection, there appear more and more jobs every day.

At SIQ, we are ready to close that gap with the best experts in patient care, lab research, biotech, digital health, and others. With all the experience in MedTech recruiting, we can guarantee successful support in seeking the right specialists that will amazingly fit your projects.


For those looking for a dream job, we offer extensive assistance in the preparation process. In addition, we are partnering with the leading MedTech, pharmaceutical, and companies, so your journey will be exciting!

it recruiting company Germany

IT Industry

The more our world moves towards technologies, the more grows the IT market. Nowadays, almost every business needs tech specialists on its team. They all are looking for skilled and talented experts in software development, managed support, network engineering, software architecture, IT consulting, etc.

The SIQ team has the strongest IT headhunters on the board, who have extensive knowledge in multiple technologies and niche markets. Whether you are looking for a job or an expert for the project, we will always advise the best option according to the specific requirements or personal needs.


Here is our recipe for a successful deal: broad network + market knowledge + specific expertise = the strongest IT recruitment.

engineering recruiting company germany


Engineers - there is so much in this one word. For many years engineers were considered to be specialists of high demand - in R&D, heavy industry, design engineering, and quality assurance. However, the need for highly skilled engineers grows daily with all the digitalization and globalization processes, technological progress, and arising challenges.

SIQ recruiting experts possess the necessary industry knowledge and relevant experience to ensure your needs are fulfilled as you wish. The range of services is suited for both those in the very beginning and the experienced ones: from newcomers and startups to experienced professionals and enterprises.


We stick to holistic approaches, which guarantees the desired results.



 For companies

Finding the right MedTech specialist, a top IT expert, a skilled engineer, or an experienced talent in renewable energy that completely meets your company’s needs requires full commitment and strong technical and methodological skills from the HR team. We offer strategic recruiting services to help you find the strongest specialists in their niche who suit your vacancy in a permanent position or on a project-based cooperation type.

 For candidates

For over 8 years, we’ve been helping various specialists find their dream jobs. We specialize exclusively in Renewable Energy, MedTech, IT, and Engineering industries.  Our staffing solution specialists will help you take advantage of a transparent application process, thorough and productive preparation for your job interviews, and sustainable support at every step. Make your dreams come true with SIQ!



 We save you time and money

By switching to outsourced recruitment services, you can substantially reduce hiring costs differently. It concerns the amount of time and effort spent on the search, the costs you spend on keeping the HR specialist in-house, paying the hourly rate, providing the working place, etc. Furthermore, you will feel the benefits of saving on additional training, consulting, and licensing of HR experts - we do it independently.


Turning to a reliable hiring and recruiting agency, you get access to the best and strongest specialists in your industry, the most up-to-date hiring solutions, the team of the most creative head hunters, and transparent processes. All the expenses become predictable when you know you’ve paid for services provided only.

 You get access to the strongest talents pool

Finding the right specialist to bring input and positive results into your business processes is always a tough task. We make it easy for you - with our active base of specialists in Renewable Energy, MedTech, IT, and Engineering, we can find the best fit for you. Whether you need a remote or on-site expert, we’ve got you! By cooperating with SIQ, you will get access to a talent pool beyond your expectations.


Choose your way to the comfortable hiring and onboarding processes - we have skilled and experienced candidates ready to start today. Do not hesitate and contact us right away. The right fit may be already waiting for you.

 Transparent processes for both sides

At SIQ, we believe that transparent communication and friendly relationships with our partners are the keys to successful cooperation. Therefore, our services are based on honest and open-minded advice backed up by straightforward and trustworthy customer relationships. 


The inner processes are also vital for a healthy and happy environment inside the team. Therefore, we strive for equal and loyal cooperation between all teammates. This way, we create a free space where everyone can express their honest feedback and creative ideas.